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Hello and welcome!  If you’re here, you’re thinking about hiring a professional resume writer. Congratulations—you’ve made an important decision to ease your job search and get better results. You probably know that the most important thing you can be doing right now is networking: attending job fairs, mining your LinkedIn contacts for coveted introductions, and going on informational interviews. What you don’t have time or energy for is agonizing over every bullet point on your resume.

And yet, like it or not, a resume is your most important career marketing tool. A good one can help you land more interviews; a mediocre one can get your application tossed in the “no” pile.

This is where I step in. I founded MLM Communications because I wanted people like you to have a better alternative than faceless, corporate “resume mills.” During my nearly 25 years in the work force, my success in landing job interviews—even when applying “cold”—far exceeded what would typically be expected. Let me put that experience to work for you.


Every job seeker’s needs and budget are unique. You may simply need some pointers on your resume and a bit of polish on a cover letter before you hit “send.” Perhaps you’re switching careers and your resume needs a complete overhaul. Or you may be starting from scratch and need me to do all the writing for you.

I spend the time up-front to understand precisely what you need, what you value, and your time frame. From there we come to an agreement on what I will do, what you will do, and what you will pay—no surprises!


  • Free,15-minute initial consultation via phone or Skype to discuss your goals, budget, and deadlines

  • Affordable, flat fee rates beginning at $129

  • 15% discount for students and recent grads

Package pricing is available. The Standard package costs $599 and includes the following:

  • Assessment interview—this is where we discuss your experience, skills, and career goals

  • Review/critique of existing resume(s), cover letter(s), LinkedIn profile, and/or any other career marketing tools

  • Delivery of a master resume and/or custom resumes targeted to specific opportunities

  • Delivery of one or more custom cover letters targeted to specific opportunities

  • LinkedIn profile creation or update, plus tips on how to use LinkedIn to accelerate your job search

  • Two rounds of minor revisions

  • All documents provided in MS Word and PDF format

  • Communication with you throughout the process

Questions, or want to get started? Give me a call at 503-833-2625 or email me at

All major credit cards accepted.

Michelle transformed my resume from a mediocre, outdated one to a modern, easy to read, engaging one that will stand out. She’s brilliant and so easy to work with!
— Brynna H., movement therapist
I was an electrician for 15 years where written communication, especially a resume, was not necessary to get work. I felt overwhelmed with the task of writing a resume and cover letter. Talking about myself is really hard for me. Michelle grasped who I am and my strengths and brought them to light. She spelled them out in a form that was really professional. She had a lot of compassion and patience that helped me persevere. It was a huge relief to be able to successfully apply for and get a management position that I had really wanted and knew I had the skills for.
— Greg P., facilities manager